What You Need To Consider Before Becoming An Affiliate

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Before You Become an Affiliate Consider This

Have you ever thought that your skills and expertise were being wasted? Have you ever considered taking those skills and making them work for you instead of someone else?
Have you looked into your own business enterprise only to realize the capital you need is way beyond what you can raise?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then becoming an affiliate marketer maybe
the answer for you.

There are two things that generally stop us from starting our own business.
The first thing being “money”, and the second thing being risk.

You need a significant amount of capital to start even a small sole proprietorship. Even though financing is available there is still the risk factor. A fairly large percentage of small businesses fail in the first year.

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Becoming an affiliate can get you started on the road to independence with no risk to you. By becoming an affiliate you work to sell or increase the revenues of another company.
The more you sell the more you make.

You can also create an online affiliate marketing business. If you’re creative and handy at making websites then this could be the perfect opportunity for you. By allowing your site to become an affiliate site with a major search engine, you could make large amounts of profit with ad revenue.
There is no cost to you and absolutely very little risk.

Becoming an affiliate sounds easy but you do need to exercise some caution. You want to avoid the affiliate marketing pitfalls that can ruin your business and worse, have you crawling on your hands and knees back to that boss that now knows how you truly feel.

If you enjoy independence and flexibility in your work then you will make a good affiliate. Those that desire or need flexible working hours can gain the most from being an affiliate. You’re paid according to how well you perform, not on how many hours you work. You can schedule your work around other things such as families or other commitments. If you’re independent and a self-starter than a career as an affiliate is perfect for you.

Start putting your skills and creativity to work for you rather than someone else. What you receive in return will be well worth it.

Avoid These Mistakes

People tend to get excited when they start a new venture. Unfortunately, this excitement and eagerness can cause them to miss key things in their agreement.

If you are signing up for a commission-based affiliate marketing program then you need to understand how the term revenue is defined.

Some affiliate programs are even stricter in their definition of revenue. Your commission may be based on the profit margin of the sold product. For example, if you help sell a book for 20 dollars but the company only makes 10 dollars profit, you’ll receive a percentage of 10 dollars, not 20

Something else to beware of when you work on commission is “returns”. Many affiliate marketing companies only pay commission out on completed sales and then only if the customer keeps the item. If they return the items your commission could be canceled.

Finding out your rights upfront can avoid many problems but this can still be a great way to earn money. Ask questions specifically before you sign an agreement. Most people can do incredibly well with an affiliate program.

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Criteria for finding the Best Affiliate Program

Variety is a good thing but when there are so many choices for a single purpose, it can be very confusing. Since your choice of a good marketing program is so critical to your success you need
to look for certain criteria in each program.
Here is what you need to look for:

Is this product top quality?

Always go for the affiliate marketing program that is backed up by a reliable and trustworthy team with the appropriate and sufficient knowledge about the industry. Check the affiliate product and services as well. Are they for real, offer good value and are saleable? Remember that you will be putting your own credibility on the line when you sign up for that program. If it’s trustworthy, then you will be viewed as such as well.

Is the product “hot” or getting there?

Stay current on market demands and about the ‘hottest’ and ‘to watch out for’ products. A simple search online will help you find out the kind of things that people are looking for and are willing to buy. There’s a good chance an affiliate marketing program is selling that product. When a product has high market demand, it’s much easier to sell.

Does this program pay high commissions?

Ultimately, the affiliate’s goal in signing up for an affiliate marketing program is to earn money. In affiliate marketing, earnings come in the form of commissions – usually a percentage off the sale of a product. Why settle for a low-paying program when there are others from which you can benefit more from given the same amount of effort on your part?

Good rates range from about 50 percent to 75 percent. If the program pays lower than that, you might want to reconsider.

Does the program have a higher than usual Conversion Rate?

A good indication that a particular affiliate marketing program is the best one to use is its high conversion rate. This means that more visitors to an affiliate’s site become buyers. When there are more buyers, an affiliate’s earnings increase.

To find out about their conversion rate, you can check an affiliate marketing program’s website. Some of them publish this information. If not, you will have to test the product yourself using targeted visitors to see how well it performs.

Does the Program Offer Full Support?

This is especially important to look for when deciding what affiliate marketing program to use if you’re a beginner. There are many programs that will offer their system and leave you to your own devices without checking in on your progress.

Use affiliate marketing programs that provide sufficient information, training and affiliate support. You will appreciate this extra feature in case you run into a bit of trouble later.


You don’t have to worry about financial risk. The head company will take care of all the details allowing you to use your skills to the best of your ability. If you’re creative, hardworking and want to be your own boss, consider the world of affiliate marketing. Your skills and expertise could be increasing your bank balance, not someone else’s.